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The accumulation of expertise and reputation, which is the core of our traditional business, has allowed us to effectively diversify. While much of our work is in zinc die casting, Wolverine has been able to become a significant competitor in the aluminum die cast market. Since 1994, we have opened a separate facility dedicated to aluminum die cast and assembly operations. Wolverine has die cast machines that range from 400 tons to 1000 tons. This wide range of die cast machinery allows us to produce almost any size part. Wolverine also has ongoing relationships with hundreds of sub-suppliers, whose knowledge and support is always available to our customers. Over the past decade, a wide range of customers from varied markets have realized the value of Wolverine as a team member.

Wolveine Die Cast Corvette Sting Ray
Wolverine Die Cast Product 1
Wolverine Die Cast Product 4
Wolverine Die Cast Viper Fuel Door
Wolverine Die Cast Product 3